ANKER flooro. Aviation carpeting completely reconceived.

ANKER has developed flooro, a revolutionary new textile carpet specially designed for the aviation industry.

What is new? The innovative carpet looks more like a flooring material and weighs considerably less than conventional carpeting (30–70 per cent weight reduction). At the same time it is extremely hard wearing. This unique innovation has been made possible by a newly developed special high-tech woven system. In addition, this new generation of textile flooring is made using to a large extent recycled Econyl yarns.

The advantages of this new product include many different aspects. On the one hand, there are the economic benefits associated with the carpet’s lower weight, optimised product functionality, lower logistics costs and the fact that it is very easy to work with. On the other hand, however, the new textile designs and textures also present completely new possibilities in terms of interior cabin design.

ANKER flooro weighs just 800 g/m². Traditional wool carpets, on the other hand, can weigh up to 2,500g/m². Innovative products that are consciously designed to offer the best possible lightweight performance weigh 1,200m², which means they weigh half as much, while continuing to offer very good functionality. Accordingly, 1,200 g/m² has hitherto been considered the limit value. The figure of 1,200 g/m² appeared to be difficult to beat without compromising on the durability.

ANKER flooro is woven by using a new high-tech woven system. The process weaves the carpet’s individual threads extremely densely. The density of the material produces a flat and extremely compact textile structure.
The compactness results in impressive functionality and a unique, homogeneous and flat floor surface that gives interior designers completely new alternatives. Thanks to the design, the finest patterns, structures and textures can be produced, which are not possible with conventional carpets. Floor design can be even more refined and also perfectly matched with other interior textile elements.

ANKER flooro is largely made of Econyl yarn. Econyl is a 100 per cent recycled fibre developed by Italian manufacturer Aquafil. ANKER was previously involved in the development of the fibre, which means that it already has many years of production knowledge in processing this yarn.

It is much easier to lay and work with the carpet. Thanks to the product’s compactness, it can be cut in any number of ways while still remaining stable at the edges. A ‘channel cut’ is not necessary. In addition, the lower weight also makes it easier to handle and thus lay the carpet.

It goes without saying that the positive effect of the carpet’s lower weight can not only be felt when fitting it, but also when transporting it – logistics costs are lower when delivering, returning and disposing of the product. Furthermore, using less material represents an important step towards responsible and sustainable use of our resources.