Blue. Grey. Definitely not pink! Think of an aircraft interior and then think of the colour of the seat fabrics, curtains and carpet. Chances are you see the colour blue. Or maybe a shade of grey. However, it’s time to think again. It’s time to create PINK!

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 in Hamburg, the two leading manufacturers in premium aircraft textiles, rohi and ANKER, have launched the ‘Create PINK’ concept – created from an internal project that set out to challenge both companies’ ability to meet the most challenging of briefs – design a range of aircraft fabrics and carpets featuring a dash of pink that would not only look at home in an aircraft cabin, but would actually enhance and invigorate its overall appearance. Philipp Dahm, rohi´s management director and Alexander von Fuchs-Nordhoff, ANKER´s sales director were both equally curious how this creative concept will be received at the show.

“We wanted to test and demonstrate our ability to work with a daring brief but still deliver a coordinated and considered response,” says von Fuchs-Nordhoff. “The project set out to challenge rohi and ANKER to think creatively and to deliver a smooth package of solutions relevant to our airline customers. Whatever the brief – we can translate it into textiles that make the difference.“

Create PINK is an eclectic concept of fabrics and carpet divided into five themes: ELEGANT, POWDERY, CLEAR, SUNNY and TROPICAL. The concept is fully certified and ready to order. “This project is not just about creating a fabric or carpet ready to manufacture or a blueprint for others to copy,” continues Dahm. “It demonstrates our approach to design and the exceptional creative energy of our experienced and dedicated team when challenged by a customer to bring new ideas to life. We wanted to show that rohi and ANKER have the ability to translate any theme, vision or task into a state-of-the-art concept, ready to fly.”

The resulting concept is both exciting and mature, intelligent yet playful, bright but not dazzling. “Pink is very untypical for the aircraft industry,” agree Nina Leonhard and Alexandra Plank, two of the leading designers in this project. “It has many different characteristics, which are reflected in the concept’s five themes. Each of these underlines the different ways pink can be understood – loud, quiet, elegant, cool – it’s a very versatile range featuring solutions that will stand the test of time demanded by the cabin environment.”

Such innovation comes naturally to rohi and ANKER, both family-owned companies and proud of their product, made in Germany. Both manufacturers have already won design awards for their work. Its clients include some of the world’s leading airlines, including Emirates, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, as well as cutting-edge, contemporary domestic furniture brands such as COR, Knoll International, Rolf Benz, Thonet and Vitra.

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