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Textile hard flooring


With the WAVE and CURL collections, ANKER Professional Carpet is expanding its range of textile hard flooring products and thus complementing the highly successful FLAT collection.

WAVE comes in three different weaves and surface textures, all of which feature a mottled and coordinated colour scheme.

CURL, on the other hand, exhibits naturally inspired designs that either have a slight arrangement or none at all. The characteristic jacquard weaves with interrupted looped textures lend the products their unique three-dimensional depth.

Visually, there is no comparison between textile hard flooring and conventional carpets. These textile fabrics reveal their construction and boast a highly minimalist appearance, with reduction being the main criterion of textile hard flooring. They create excellent visual harmony with formal architecture, as their design style is extremely clear and minimalist, resulting in a uniform, textile surface image. At the same time, textile hard flooring offers all the functional benefits of carpet. Therefore, this new type of flooring stands in stark contrast to the long-outdated image of carpets, which were once frequently associated with plushness.

The use of material has also been reduced, with only about half as much material used for textile hard flooring as for conventional contract carpets. The process of saving resources starts with the construction phase. The reduced use of material is made possible by a cutting-edge weaving technology that has been specially developed by Anker.

Furthermore, textile hard flooring is made of state-of-the-art yarns. These yarns are made solely from recycled material that is then spun to create solution dyed fibres. In turn, these fibres boast excellent cleaning properties and therefore increase product durability.