Our EXPO carpet worldwide

The blue-patterned EXPO carpet was designed by Prof. Margret Hildebrand and produced by ANKER in the 1950s. A modern interpretation is currently complementing PWG's booth in Shenzhen (South China). The "Design Shanghai" fair is known for creating a customized event for all contemporary, modern and design-oriented exhibitors.

Similar to the construction of our TEXRA® collection, the interpretation of the EXPO carpet has been woven with a Jacquard loom with exciting height differences between warp and weft. An original of this carpet was displayed in the Vitra Design Museum until two years ago, where it hosted the traveling exhibition "German Design 1949-1989: Two Countries, One History". Anyone who would like to see the original design piece can look at it at the Tsinghua University Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition runs there until April 16, 2023
=> http://www.artmuseum.tsinghua.edu.cn/en/cpsj_english/zlxx/zzzl/lszl/202301/t20230110_17886.shtml