ANKER on exhibitions-tour!

Our sales team is not only available via mail or phone but also on-site personally there for you! For example at the 75th anniversary of Kurt Weigel GmbH in Bremen or the in-house-trade-fair of Alois Geiger Söhne GmbH & Co. KG in Aschaffenburg. Also at the 20th anniversary of Lotter + Liebherr in Mainz ANKER was a pleasure to attend, as well as the in-house exhibition of Hubert Striegel GmbH in Krumbach.

A big thank you goes to our sales team Michael Walek, Wolfgang Weerts, Tobias Becker, Rüdiger Huth and Günther Streidl and to all customers, partners and participants. Exciting events with a lot of fun and lively exchange!