Do you still use paper clips?

For yesterday's paperclip day  we would like to know how paperless and digital the people around us work.

Here's some more "bragging knowledge" to share at the coffee machine:
Paperclip Day is held annually on May 29. However, there isn't really a historical reference as to why the Paperclip Day is celebrated on May 29. It was simply established by the Americans at some point and joins the list of holidays for other office supplies, such as Calculator Day on April 1 or Pencil Day on March 30. 

Did you know that in Norway the paper clip is a national symbol? Not only was one of the inventors of the paper clip, Johan Vaaler, Norwegian, but the paper clip was also a symbol of resistance during the Second World War. During the German Wehrmacht occupation at the time, many Norwegians wore a paperclip on their clothing as a sign of cohesion and attachment to their government and king.

And again we have gained some useless knowledge.