Clean Your Floors Day

Not all ANKER carpets need the same care and there are many things to consider. For this purpose, we would like to point out our various cleaning instructions on our homepage for today's "Clean Your Floors Day". But for any carpet is equally true: A vacuum cleaner and a rotating round brush are always a good investment.

In the download center at you will certainly find the right #instructions for your carpet!

And of course, there is also a bit of useless knowledge in the form of info about this curious holiday. The "Clean Your Floors Day" or "National Clean Your Floors Day" takes place annually on August 03. Americans ???? have been celebrating this day since 1962, and it was invented by the US cleaning and cleaning products manufacturer Holloway House from Fortville, Indiana, with its Quick Shine® brand.

In this sense: happy work and a great National Clean Your Floors Day to all of you.